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Honey Mead Murder

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Honey Mead Murder (2023) Dahlia Donovan (Honey Bear Cosy Mysteries)

Honey Mead MurderGeorge Sheth keeps bees and provides honey to the local brewery for making mead.

He also has a huge crush on the owner/manager, Murphy Baird.

Ready and dressed for the day, George decided to do the mature adult thing. He’d put the problem off for another time.

When the two finally have a first date, things go badly with unexpected death and Murphy being accused of murder.

Nothing about this story really stuck out to me. The main characters were fine, although the romance seemed forced/performative. The mystery was average with all the inherent problems of most cozy mystery series where one characters is accused of murder, whether that accusation is logical or not.

Publisher: Tangled Tree Publlishing

Rating: 5/10

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