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Twilight Watch, Audio Edition

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Twilight Watch, Audible Version (2006/2007/2010) Sergei Lukyanenko translated by Andrew Bromfield narrated by Paul Michael

This might well be my favorite book of the series, partially because Anton and Svetka are happily married and that relationship is a strength, and partially because the events are so unexpected.

Plus, of course, it’s a delight.

“Svetka,” I said, sitting back down again. And suddenly I tensed up— Svetlana’s voice sounded uneasy, anxious. “Svetka, has something happened to Nadya?”

“Everything’s fine,” she replied quickly. “Don’t worry. Why don’t you tell me how you’ve been getting on?”

I thought for a few seconds. I hadn’t held any drinking parties, I hadn’t brought any women back home, I wasn’t drowning in garbage, I’d even been washing the dishes.

And there is the bit with the WWII flyer, that delights me every time I read it.

And the bit of the two kids and the witch.

“Are we going to turn into little goats when we’ve drunk our tea?” Romka suddenly asked.

“Why?” the witch asked in surprise.

“Because you’ll put a spell on us,” Romka explained. “You’ll turn us into little goats and eat us up.” He clearly did not trust the mysterious rescuer completely yet.

I do so love this book–and this series.

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Rating: 10/10


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