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The Temptation of Forgiveness

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Temptation of Forgiveness (2018) Donna Leon

One of Paola’s co-workers comes to Brunetti because she fears her son is using drugs. Elletra seems to have gotten herself into a spot of troupe. Patta wants Brunetti to deak with issues with Scarpa.

The instinct to institutional survival stilled Brunetti’s tongue. He waved his hand and nodded in agreement, then said, ‘Someone might have invented this rumour to create friction between the Lieutenant and his colleagues. There’s no doubt that the Lieutenant has won a place in the opinion of his fellow workers.’ Brunetti paused minimally and then added, while Patta was working out his precise meaning, ‘I’d discount the reports, sir. That is, if you’re asking my opinion.’

One of the things I like about Brunetti is that he is never cruel and tries to be kind.

‘Why are you always so kind to him, Signore?’ Signorina Elettra asked.

Brunetti had to consider this: he had never given conscious thought to how to respond to Alvise. ‘Because he needs it,’ he said.

As far as the story goes, the mystery was interesting, because although there was crime (and lots of it) we didn’t have a murder. And everything was in that gray space where it’s sometimes hard to tell what is really a sin and what isn’t.

That said, this wasn’t one of the strongest entries in the series, but it was enjoyable.

I’m kinda sorry that his kids have stopped aging–I suppose it’s more useful to have kids in school, but seeing the kind of adults they’d become seems far more interesting.

Brunetti remembered once having a son who was a declared enemy of capitalism, who longed to see the entire wicked system destroyed. How could he, the boy’s father – and a policeman, to boot – have failed to notice when the kidnappers from the European Central Bank came in and replaced his own son with a replicant?

So I enjoyed the story, but it wasn’t one of the best. But that won’t stop me from getting the next.
Rating: 7/10

Publisher: Atlantic Monthly Press

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