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Sixth Watch

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sixth Watch (2015/2016) Sergei Lukyanenko translated by Andrew Bromfield

This text is mandatory reading for the forces of Light. —THE NIGHT WATCH

This text is mandatory reading for the forces of Darkness. —THE DAY WATCH

This is the final book of the Night Watch series. Definitely and irrevocably the final book of the series.

It’s been 24 hours, and I still have not completely digested my feelings for this book.

I enjoyed it. I definitely enjoyed it. After all, it has all the things I love about a Night Watch book.

Arkady, who had only recently started working in the Watch, used to be a schoolteacher. And, exactly as his new colleagues expected, he claimed that hunting vampires was far easier than teaching physics in tenth grade.

If you think that a six-year-old child is nothing compared to an adult, then you’ve never been assaulted by thirty preschool children.

I really like that Nadya has come into her own here. It sometimes felt like the author never quite new what to do with Sveta, but now that Nadia is a teenager, she’s quite feisty.

Zabulon got up and stretched. As the girl he’d been sitting beside started slipping over sideways, he held her up and said, “Quite a pretty little girl, really . . . take off the glasses and style her hair properly, and she’ll be a beauty. What’s her name . . . Nadya?”

“Her name is you-go-to-hell!” Nadya exclaimed indignantly.

“We’ve decided not to have sex for the time being,” Nadya said reassuringly. “Kesha thinks it will retard the development of our magical potential.”

I downed my cognac in one gulp.

“But I think he’s wrong,” Nadya continued pensively. “I think he’s being a bit of a coward!”

I took the glass of milk out of Svetlana’s hands and chased the cognac down with it.

I really did enjoy Nadya giving Anton a hard time.

So the series is done, and I’m glad I finally built up the courage to read the last book. But I also think I’ll need to think about things a little longer before I am sure how I feel about the ending.

It was a good story, and worthy of the series, and I’m still highly recommend it.
Rating: 8/10

Publisher: Harper Paperbacks

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