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New Watch, Audio Edition

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

New Watch, Audible Version (2012/2014) Sergei Lukyanenko translated by Andrew Bromfield narrated by Paul Michael

I don’t love this book as much as the previous, but I still love this series and spending time in this world. Nadia is now ten, and in training at the Night Watch. Sveta is still out of the Watch, while Anton has remained, despite everything.

Not that he doesn’t occasionally snipe at Gaesar.

“Pardon me, Boris Ignatievich,” I said, “but Mr. Warnes drinks like a fish. And he prefers decent single malts, not White Horse. My bar’s completely empty. Tomorrow some other guest will arrive and you’ll assign me to look after him. But I can’t buy alcohol in the fancy ‘A-Z of Taste’ supermarkets on my salary.”

“Go on,” Gesar said in an icy voice.

“After that I sat down in the bar to drink a mug of beer.”

“How long have you been drinking beer in the mornings, Gorodetsky?”

“Four days now. Since Warnes arrived.”

That first bit actually comes back later, to make a fascinating point.

Unfortunately, Anton stumbles across a prophet. And the Twilight doesn’t want the prophecy to be heard. Which gives us the tiger on some covers of this book. It’s actually a pretty fascinating idea, that the magical entity that is the Twilight could have a native intelligence and manifest creatures to do its will.

As always, Anton amuses me.

I noticed that Gesar had been sitting with his eyes closed for about half a minute. And slowly turning crimson. Then he opened his eyes and stood up.

“Right. I can’t hear Semyon. And I can’t contact him. Someone else try!”

Olga closed her eyes too.

Glyba applied his palm to his forehead picturesquely.

Jermenson chewed on his lips.

Svetlana frowned intensely. But I took out my mobile and pressed one of the “hot keys.”

“Yes, Antokha?” Semyon answered cheerfully.

And now I’m ready to read the sixth and final book.


Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Rating: 8/10


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