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The Wolf at the Door

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Wolf at the Door (2018) Charlie Adhara (Big Bad Wolf)

Agent Cooper Dayton was transferred from the FBI to the BSI after a werewolf attack. The job of the BSI is to deal with werewolf crime–and keep the existence of werewolves from becoming known to the general public.

The public could never know about werewolves, though. That was one of the few things the BSI and the Trust agreed on. The panic, the prejudice, the senseless violence that would surely come if the truth was revealed.

After a teenage werewolf is shot and killed, the BSI and the Trust (the face of the werewolves) decide something new needs to be tried–that a BSI agent and a Trust agent should work together to search for what appears to be a new serial killer.

So Cooper is sent to Maine with Park, his temporary partner, where they join in the search for a missing man and look into the bodies that have already been discovered.

I especially liked Cooper as a character. He still has health issues from the attack, and those issues persist throughout the book, as he has to watch what and how he eats. He also is out to everyone but his family, which makes his personal life even more complicated, since he can’t tell his dad and brother about the details of his work or his love life.

He’s also very perceptive, and good at his job.

He’d watched her read him the minute he sat down. Out of town, thirtysomething, dissatisfied with his day, a chip on his shoulder and an anxious energy boiling his blood. A man with something to prove and no one to prove it to. An ugly, dangerous look. He didn’t blame her for shifting away from him warily. He didn’t find it an attractive look on men, either.

He also lives in his head just a little too much, which makes him all the more endearing.

“She’s not my type because I’m gay.”

The silence was sharp. Vaguely Cooper was aware his mouth was hanging open. He shut it quickly. Then opened it again to say, “Oh, that’s nice.”

That’s nice? Good job, Dayton. Christ, so much for getting better at picking up on the little clues. Did that mean… Could Park actually have been interested in him back at the metro?

Cooper couldn’t think of what else to say and went with the next thing that popped into his head. “Me, too.”

But what was best was the mystery. I thought I knew pretty quickly who the killer was, but there was a lovely twist at the end that was both unexpected and made everything fall into place.

This is a M/M romance and there is boinking. But it is also a well-written supernatural mystery, that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Publisher: Carina Press
Rating: 8/10


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