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Uncommonly Tidy Poltergeists

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Uncommonly Tidy Poltergeists (2017) Angel Martinez

Taro has to make a confession to his family–and he’s afraid they’re going to freak out.

He’s won the biggest power ball in history, and is going to keep it a secret from everyone but them. He is also, after buying his parents a vacation home and setting up accounts for his siblings and nieces and nephews, going to buy houses around the world and try to become a travel writer.

But somewhere along the way he seems to have picked up a ghost–a ghost who insists that the house must be clean. So when he heads back to New York, he ends up hiring a ghost hunter.

I really really REALLY like Taro.

Power-save introvert, that’s what Luka called him. He was “on” when he had to be, turned “off” the moment people left him in peace, and occasionally suffered shorts and power outages during which he couldn’t interact successfully with people at all.

I also loved Taro’s family. The writing hits that perfect balance of unconditional love but still capable of being annoying.

Taro wasn’t sure what he expected from a ghost hunter, but it wasn’t Jack.

“Phillip’s an accountant. Or a snooty trust-fund baby. Why are you named after a root vegetable?”

Taro needed three tries to find his voice. “I’m not.”

“Taro? Big purple edible root. What poi’s made of?”

“Oh. No.” Taro finally had the presence of mind to shut the door. “I mean, yes to taro being a plant, but it’s short for Lautaro. My name, not the vegetable. And I was an accountant.”

Though I might secretly BE Jack.

There was a thunder rumble overhead as a wheeled chair rolled across the floor, followed by the unholy trample of Jack rushing down the stairs in such a way that Taro wasn’t sure if he was running or falling.

So to sum up, Taro is lovely, the mystery is fun, and I just all-around enjoyed the story, as Taro and Jack navigated Taro needs.

I really REALLY like everything I’ve read by Angel Martinez so far.

Publisher: Mischief Corner Books, LLC
Rating: 8/10

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