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Death of a Pirate King

Monday, November 11, 2019

Death of a Pirate King (2011) Josh Lanyon

Yeah, I mostly skipped The Hell You Say, just reading the bits about him meeting his mother’s new husband and family.

This book is set two years after that. Adrien is getting over pneumonia but at least he’s at a party, because his book has been optioned for film, and he’s meeting the names that might make that happen.

Jake has been married and promoted, and Adrien hasn’t seen him in the intervening time.

But there is a murder at the party, and because it’s Important People, Jake ends up part of the investigation.

Or perhaps it’s because of one of the other people involved.

Kane’s brows drew together. “I thought you knew. Jake and I have been lovers for about five years.”

I didn’t say a word. Apparently I didn’t need to.

He said awkwardly, “I don’t know why I thought you realized.” His sensual mouth pulled into a little grimace. “I knew about you.”

One of the things I loved here was how well Adrien gets along with his step family–and how much he adores his new sister. I do feel like Emma is written way younger than her age, but she’s still delightful and is good for Adrien.

(I) wondered if Lisa and Bill Dauten had drawn up a prenup, and what the odds were of my getting Em in any possible settlement.

What was interesting is that one of the main suspects, who either was very stupid or played very stupid entirely too well, ended up being amusing to read.

“I noticed you right away.” She gave me an approving look. “I like quiet, polite men. And men who wear Hugo Boss. I was hoping you weren’t gay. Or that you were only half-gay. Like Paul.”

“Uh…sorry,” I said. “It’s pretty much full-time now. The pay’s not great, but the perks…”

A lot happens here, and I think I missed quite a bit on my first read-through. Probably because I was reading extra-fast so I could finish the book and go to sleep.

First, Jake really had put himself in a compromising position. He behaved in a manner that he eventually realized wasn’t honorable, and that meant things at the end of the book had to happen not necessarily because of legal issues, but because by remaining in the closet Jake had opened himself to blackmail, and was unable to clearly consider the situation.

Jake’s realization of this is what made me forgive him for how he treated Adrien in the previous book–and to a lesser degree how he treated his wife.

Regardless, this book ends far better than any of the previous books, and I liked it as a whole much better.

Publisher: Just Joshin
Rating: 7.5/10

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