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The Night Raven

Saturday, January 11, 2020

The Night Raven (2018) Sarah Painter (Crow Investigations)

The Night RavenLydia Crow has returned to London for a bit, after a case she was investigating turned uglier than expected.

But she liked being on her own, and doesn’t want drawn back into the family, yet she turns to Uncle Charlie for a place to stay, which draws her back in all the same.

No matter how far away she wants to stay.

Daisy cut across her. ‘What job? Playing at detective? You should be at home looking after your poor father.’

‘You may not speak about Henry Crow,’ Lydia said flatly.

On the positive side, she does get to spend more time with her best friend.

Emma sunk onto the squashy leatherette seating and immediately slipped off her heels. ‘These things are fucking torture. How the hell did I used to wear them?’

Lydia put her Dr Marten’s onto the low table in front of the sofa and said ‘no idea’.

There was a lot I liked about this story. I liked the conflict between Emma and Lydia, as well as how that was resolved. (Yay! Words!)

I also liked that Uncle Charlie remained enigmatic throughout the story, and you really are never sure which side of right and wrong he lives.

And I also really liked the ghost.

(the ghost) stopped crying. ‘What are you doing?’ His voice was thin and impatient.

‘I’m listening,’ Lydia said. ‘I’m being a sympathetic ear.’

(The ghost) tilted his head to one side. ‘Is that right? You look constipated.’

The weak spots were Lydia’s awareness of the magical systems of the world, and I was unsettled by her interactions with DCI Fleet.

Publisher: Siskin Press Limited
Rating: 7/10

Categories: 7/10, British, Fantasy, Female, Mystery, Private Eye, Supernatural


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