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Heathen Volume 1

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Heathen Volume 1 (2017) Natasha Alterici

Heathen Volume 1Aydis was sentenced to death or marriage for kissing another girl, but her father secretly saved her life and sent her into exile.

Heathen Volume 1 Page 3

Aldis has decided to that as a warrior she will go on a quest, and free the Valkyrie Brynhild.

Heathen Volume 1

But the goddess Freyja has other ideas, and gets involved.

Heathen Volume 1

What I find most fascinating about this comic is that it was written and drawn by a woman, and that comes through in the art. The women may be scantily clad in some scenes, but they still look like real women. I found the portrayal of Freyja most interesting, because the goddess of love is not drawn as a man would draw her, but as powerful and confident. (And most likely historically accurate.)

I’ve already ordered Volume 2.

Publisher: Vault Comics
Rating: 8/10


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