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An Unexpected Gentleman

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

An Unexpected Gentleman (2011) Alissa Johnson (The Haverston Family Trilogy)

An Unexpected GentlemanSet in Scotland in the early 1800s.

Adelaide Ward is her family’s only hope. Her brother is in debtor’s prison and Adelaide is in charge of her younger sister and her even younger nephew.

Connor Brice has one over-arching goal–revenge against his half-brother, and he’ll do anything to achieve that revenge.

Connor is initially a problematic hero. It seems at first he wants to marry Adelaide solely to thwart his brother. But it becomes clear things are not as they seem, and that Adelaide will be lucky to escape Sir Robert.

This isn’t my favorite of her books, but it has moments.

This story has some of the most realistic depictions of a toddler as I’ve ever seen in romance. And it’s pretty delightful.

“Not at all. I wasn’t certain if he cared for gingerbread, but I thought—”

He broke off when George shoved the step stool into Connor’s leg and, biscuit caught between his teeth, scrambled his way onto Connor’s lap.

George turned about, nestled his back against Connor’s chest, and went about the messy business of eating his treat.

Connor went very still and stared at the top of George’s head. “Er . . . Is this safe?”

A choking sound came from Isobel. Adelaide forced a bland expression.

“Yes. Small children have been known to sit on a lap or two and emerge from the experience unscathed.”

“Right . . . Right, of course.” He neither sounded nor appeared particularly convinced.

The only whirlwind was George, who strenuously objected to having to bathe and wear Sunday clothes on a Friday and made his displeasure known by leaping out of the tub and streaking about the house while screeching at the top of his lungs like a soapy, irate piglet.

This isn’t my favorite of her books, but it definitely has it’s good points.

Rating: 8/10


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