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Killing in C Sharp

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Killing in C Sharp (2018) Alexia Gordon (Gethsemane Brown)

Killing in C SharpGethsemane Brown is mostly settled in to Dunmullach and teaching teenage boys, as well as the occasional foray into solving crime.

Kent reached out and laid a hand on her arm. “Don’t be nervous.”

Gethsemane patted Kent’s hand. “Don’t worry, I’m not.” She’d performed live all over the world and she taught teenaged boys. Nothing unnerved her.

But now ghost hunters have come to look for Eamon McCarthy, Venus James is in town to revise her book on Eamon’s death, and the composer Aed Devlin has returned to premier his opera about a vengeful Hungarian ghost. Killed by her family centuries earlier.

The then-baroness, named Maja after the infamous legend—”

“How’s that for tempting fate?” Hardy whispered to Gethsemane.

If Poe heard him, she ignored him. “— decided to put an end to the shame. She practiced folk magic, and she modified her vengeful ancestor’s curse. She decreed that if anyone ever wrote about, sang about, preached about, or publicly spoke about the Zoltán family curse, they would die in the same way as that Zoltán generation’s eldest sons. She also swore a wasting sickness would claim the lives of any firstborn male who listened to or watched a performance of the doomed piece.”

These are fun reads, and I enjoyed the story, even as I had issues with the mystery. First, I didn’t quite get why the second murder needed to occur. If the murderer already had plans to leave the country and take up an assumed identity, then the second murder was unnecessary.

And just felt rather mean, to be honest.

Also, I keep finding quarantine books this year.

“I’ve canceled all classes until further notice. Activities, too. I don’t want this thing to spread any further than it already has. St. Brennan’s is under quarantine.”

So fun, despite its problems.

Publisher : Henery Press
Rating: 7/10

Categories: 7/10, British, Cozy, eBook, Female, Mystery

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