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Hottie Scotty and Mr. Porter

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Hottie Scotty and Mr. Porter (2017) R. Cooper

Hottie Scotty and Mr PorterI’m still struggling, and remembered this is a cute story, so I borrowed it again from the library.

Scotty left the city and moved to a small down to help his sister care for her kids. And he likes working for the fire department. But it’s hard being gay in a small town, especially when everyone sees him a cute–but not so bright.

He knew that kind of sweetie. She thought he was being dumb, but didn’t think he was smart enough to get that she was insulting him.

He’s had a crush on Cole–the school librarian–since he moved to town, but figures Cole isn’t for the likes of him. And when the local knitting club decides to find Cole someone to date, they make it clear they don’t think Cole is good enough either.

“Wait.” His heart was pounding. “Am I on the list?”

Kathy laughed.

Scott took a step back, then shut his mouth and stared intently at the counter.

“Oh God.” Kathy shook her head and wiped at her eyes beneath her glasses. “We aren’t looking to get him laid. He’s the settle down type.”

Yeah, they’re awful.

So Scotty thinks he’s not worth dating.

“You dumbface.” Angie snorted like a furious but soft-hearted bull. “Are you telling me you think he could do better? Did he tell you that?” Scott shook his head before steam came out of her ears. She was still pretty pissed though. “Holy shit, I am going to fucking murder your exes.”

“They’re not really exes,” Scott pointed out, because she couldn’t blame them for not acting like boyfriends when they hadn’t been boyfriends.

“Yes, I know. Hence this problem.”

And Cole is still not sure he’s over the death of his husband. But it becomes clear that Scott has it bad for Cole, even if he doesn’t see what Cole might see in him.

Both have personal issues they need to deal with, but both are also in a place where they can work on those issues–once they realize they have reason to do so.

It is a sweet and lovely story and just the kind of comfort read I needed.

Rating: 8/10


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