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The Rook

Monday, December 14, 2020

The Rook (2012) Daniel O’Malley (The Checquy Files)

The RookI love this story so much.

(T)he most effective psychics are the ones who never realize they’re psychic and instead manage to live excellent lives by consistently making the right decisions. Their powers effectively guide them through the shoals of life without their knowing.

So very very much.

Tracking the missing money was actually kind of fun, especially compared to all those records of corporate credit card transactions that I had to wade through. That shit was just tedious. There’s a reason that there’s no TV show called CSI: Forensic Accounting.

It’s the best!

“That’s experience talking,” said Shantay. “In these situations, the glass is always half empty.”


“Always,” confirmed the Bishop. “Right until it fills up with some sort of spectral blood that grows into a demonic entity.”

Publisher : Little, Brown and Company
Rating: 10/10

Categories: 10/10, British, eBook, Fantasy, Female, Mystery, Reread, Supernatural


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