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A Gentleman Never Keeps Score

Sunday, February 7, 2021

A Gentleman Never Keeps Score (2018) Cat Sebastian (Seducing the Sedgwicks)

A Gentleman Never Keeps ScoreSet in London in 1817

This is a reread, but one of a different type. I did a group read with several people on the the reddit r/romancebooks, where we read five chapters then chatted about all our thoughts.

As may be blindingly obvious to anyone who has read this blog for more than one week, I read a lot, so I read fast. It’s nothing something I do on purpose, it’s just something I’ve always done. However, the more the story draws me in, the faster I read.

So even though I’d read this twice before, a slow reading meant I picked up details I’d missed the previous two times.

For example, as different as Harley and Sam are (and they are very different) in important ways, they are so similar.

When Hartley thought of the things he had done and the dubious choices he had made, all to give his brothers a chance at having the safe, secure life of gentlemen, and what a mess they had all made of it, he could scream.

“Have you eaten?” Sam asked, already reaching under the bar for a dish.

“Not since yesterday.”

Sam had put aside a slice of pork pie for his own supper, but he could have some bread and butter later on.

In short, it was a lovely reread, and I appreciated the story more for a slow reading. But it was actually really hard for me to do a slow read, and I don’t know if I could do it without a group read to slow me down.

Publisher : Avon Impulse
Rating: 8/10


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