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Candy Hearts

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Candy Hearts (2000) Erin McLellan (So Over the Holidays)

Candy HeartsIf you’re read this blog for more than a handful of months, you know that casual sex doesn’t work for my in stories. It’s a me thing, and I’m ok with that.

But I’ve been struggling, and needed something that was over-the-top sweet, and remembered this story, which although it is very much about casual sex, is so over-the-top I realized it was just what I needed.

Benji was over it. Over the dating scene. Over unsatisfying sex. Over the romantic-industrial complex called Valentine’s Day.

Well, actually, he wasn’t over it at all, but he was trying to be. He was trying very hard.

Benji is adorable. He is frank and open and has decided that he is going to be who he is, and stop trying to make himself into what the guys he dates want.

And that’s I think why this story works for me, despite the premise of casual sex. Benji is almost heart-breakingly honest, and that just works for me.

William dropped the duffle bag, and it thumped loudly when it hit the ground, making them both jump. “What’s in that thing?”

Benji swallowed hard. “Sex toys and lingerie, mostly.”

It is unapologetically pro sex. And very much about being who you are and to hell with anyone who doesn’t accept you for that. And he also sees William for who he is, and wants William to be happy as well.

“What do you eat for lunch every day?”

William sighed. “A turkey and avocado wrap from the deli across the street from my office. Also carrot sticks.”

“Tomorrow, we’re eating candy for lunch.”

“Oh my God, we are not.”

Valentine’s Day candy. It’s like regular candy, but in pink wrappers and sold at a markup. Super-special stuff.”

So although there is a ton of sex in this story, it’s also so much about acceptance that it was just what I needed to read anyway.

Publisher : Erin McLellan
Rating: 7.5/10

Categories: 7.5/10, Covers, eBook, Good, LGBT, Novella, Reread, Romance, Sexual Content
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