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Open for Business

Friday, February 12, 2021

Open for Business (2016) Angel Martinez (Brandywine Investigations)

Open for BusinessGods are real. They’ve always been around. You just never guessed that mogul was actually the god of thieves or that an agent of chaos now runs the local funeral parlor.

Hades has been sued for divorce. Persephone wants to be her own woman, live her own life. So Hades heads to earth to try and figure out what to do with himself.

Obviously, he opens a detective agency.

This book is three stories: Canines, Crosshairs & Corpses, No Enemy But Time, Dragons, Diamonds & Discord.

I skipped the second story, because is quite dark, and I picked this book up to escape the dark. Because the other two stories were what I needed to shift my brain away from reality.

The Viper’s engine roared its delight, answering his every demand with eager obedience. He cut left around a large truck with fruit painted on the side, then right around a three-vehicle military convoy, and finally had open highway stretched out before him. He slammed his foot to the floor, giving his new steed its head as it leaped into high acceleration.  

A soft whimper came from his right and he shifted his eyes to find Charon curled against the passenger side door, the handle clutched in a bone-creaking grip.

Think of having to listen to the most annoying person you know.” Charon returned to snickering.

“That’s either Narcissus, who could only talk about himself, or Ulysses, who just couldn’t stop talking.”

“F. B. Dreki. What’s the ‘B’?”

Fafnir growled as the doors opened on his condo, but it was a soft rumble, not a threatening one. It might have been a laugh. “Brenna.”

“Really?” Hermes knew his Old Norse and nearly laughed, too. “Fafnir Burning Dragon?”

“Firedrake, I think would be a better translation, don’t you?”

It’s just a lot of fun and a lovely escape into some of my favorite things.

Publisher : Mischief Corner Books, LLC
Rating: 8.5/10


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