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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Changeless (2010) Gail Carriger (Parasol Protectorate)

ChangelessSet in alternate England and Scotland in the 1873

I read this when it was published, and the only thing I remembered was the ending, and how extraordinarily angry it made me.

So angry, I didn’t read another book by Gail Carriger for years.

Alexia is now married to Lord Maccon, and fitting in surprisingly well with his pack.

Alexia’s father’s ancestors had once conquered an empire, and it was when Lady Maccon yelled that people realized how that was accomplished.

As with the previous book Lord Akeldama remains my favorite.

Lord Akeldama puffed out his cheeks. He did not like open acknowledgment that his collection of apparently decorative and inconsequential drones, possessed of high family connection and little evident sense, were in fact consummate spies.

Because Alexia travels, but events continue to happen in her absence, the POV does switch between Alexia and various people in London.

Was I still angry upon the reread?


But at least I knew what to expect, and so immediately started on the third book. I’m still angry with both the content of the ending, and the addition of that cliffhanger to the end of the book.

Publisher : Orbit
Rating: 6/10

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