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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Heartless (2011) Gail Carriger (Parasol Protectorate)

HeartlessSet in Alternate London in 1874

OK. Fine. Whatever. I finished it.

Alexia is about to have her baby any minute now, and the vampires are still trying to kill her. So the solution everyone comes up with: the baby with be adopted by Lord Akeldama. And Alexia and Conall will live in his closet.

A gleam entered the vampire’s eyes, and he brushed his blond hair flirtatiously off his neck. “I suppose your pack must spend a good deal of time underdressed?”

The earl rolled his eyes, but Professor Lyall was not above a little bribery. “Or not dressed at all.”

Lord Akeldama nodded in pleasure. “Oh, my darling boys are going to love this new arrangement.


Really? That’s the best solution?

My (biggest) problem is that everything was a series of terrible decisions, one after another.

I did get Lord Akeldama and Professor Lyall, and even Biffy, but that didn’t save the story from all the absolutely terrible decisions a hugely pregnant Alexia made.

And those terrible decisions were too many to list.

And then we’ll just allow DESTROYED BUILDINGS and FIRES in London with no worry or concern.

What? No. You don’t randomly set off pyrotechnics on a 19th century city and the saunter away as if that wasn’t going to DESTROY THE ENTIRE CITY. What on earth?


Publisher : Orbit
Rating: 4.5/10


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