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Powered by Ghosts

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Powered by Ghosts (2020) Kaje Harper (Necromancer)

Powered by GhostsSet in alternate 1963

Darien is free of his ghosts (literally) and has become Silas’ apprentice. However, he still has work to do, being a necromancer, and so the two end up dealing with a ghost problem, in a town where the local necromancer is too busy caring for his dying wife to do anything about the ghosts.

But there is something wrong with ghosts, and Silas isn’t quite sure this job is going to be as easy as he expected.

Darien is still trying to deal with his unexpected powers–and their new relationship. He’s not quite certain that Silas really wants him around, and it’s 1963, so being open about the relationship isn’t an option.

This story was fine. The mystery of what was wrong with the ghosts–and why–was an interesting one, but the story itself didn’t pull me in as tightly as the first story. And I wasn’t that fond of Pip and that story arc.

And there was a lot of boinking.

So, it was fine. But I did like the first story much better.

Rating: 6/10


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