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The Mystery of the Curiosities

Sunday, March 7, 2021

The Mystery of the Curiosities (2017) C.S. Poe (Snow & Winter)

The Mystery of the CuriositiesSebastian and Calvin are settling into their relationship.

Calvin came out for Sebastian–and his family didn’t take it well. But the two are doing their best to make the relationship work. Except that someone throws a brick through the window of his store, asking Sebastian to solve mysteries for a prize.

This–obviously–causes tension with Calvin.

“Sebastian. I can’t decide if you’re purposefully trying to get yourself killed, or if you’re only trying to put me in an early grave.”

“You caught me. Am I in your will so I benefit from your riches?”

Calvin pushed his coat open to rest his hands on his hips. “Yes. You get my dirty laundry and PlayStation.”


Although the POV is all Sebastian, much of the focus of the story is his worries about Calvin and how he needs to deal with his PTSD. There are so many bits I liked about that part of the story, but I think my favorite was this.

“You talked to my dad and not me?”

“Don’t be upset.”

“N-No. I’m not.” I honestly wasn’t. So long as Calvin was talking to someone, that’s all that mattered. And if it took first a doctor and my father before he had the courage to come to me, so be it. I’d wait forever for Calvin. I just wanted him to feel safe and happy.

It may be that Sebastian’s method of trying to get Calvin to talk to someone wouldn’t work for everyone, but the fact the he clearly only wants Calvin to get better makes me adore him even more.

Oh, there’s a mystery of course, and it’s interesting. But I don’t love how Sebastian keeps ignoring Calvin’s pleas to keep himself safe.

Publisher : Emporium Press
Rating: 8/10


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