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The Emperor’s Conspiracy

Monday, March 29, 2021

The Emperor’s Conspiracy (2012) Michelle Diener (Regency London)

The Emperor's ConspiracySet in London in 1811

Charlotte Raven is the ward of Lady Howe, and likely her heir. Despite that, she is almost a wall-flower in society, enjoying herself but never making splash.

Emma tried to think if she had ever heard any whispers about Charlotte Raven, but could not. Miss Raven kept to the corners at balls, never dancing, underplaying her looks. Trying to live safely in two worlds.

But when she discovers a monster from her past is intending to prey upon the children of her hostess, she speaks up, despite the danger to herself.

Lord Edward Durnham is terrible at being in society. Luckily, he work for the government doesn’t require him to pretend to be something he isn’t.

“Em.” Lord Durnham watched as his sister ushered her children out the door in front of her with disbelief. “I don’t understand . . .”

He caught Charlotte’s eye as she waited for Ned to go through first, and Charlotte stared straight back. “I’m sure you will, if you think about it enough,” she murmured.

Then she closed Lord Durnham’s front door in his face.

Is Charlotte a realistic character? Probably not. But her past was built in such a way that it wasn’t unreasonable in the story. And her interactions with Edward are delightful.

She watched him, uneasy. “Then let us get back to ‘pay me court.’” She suddenly needed to stand herself, even though he was on the other side of the room. “What does that mean, Lord Durnham?”

“It means what it says.” His words were short.

“I need an explanation. Call me an ignorant girl from the gutters, and spell it out.” He was suddenly furious. She could see it in the way his jaw clenched and his eyes flashed. She couldn’t understand how one question could have such an effect on him.

“I.” He drew in a seething breath. “Pay. You. Court. I offer you gifts, engage you in conversation, take you on outings with a chaperone. And . . .”


“And then ask you to marry me.” He almost spat it out.

I love this series.

Publisher : Gallery Books
Rating: 8.5/10


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