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The Wolf at the Door

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Wolf at the Door (2018) Charlie Adhara (Big Bad Wolf)

The Wolf at the DoorCooper Dayton played on a long career with the FBI, but an attack by a creature that sprouted claws changed everything, and he is now part of the BSI, investigating werewolf crime.

This is a reread, because I wanted something I knew I was going to love.

It was just as excellent as I remembered.

First, I think she gets it exactly right as far as why the supernatural have to remain hidden.

The public could never know about werewolves, though. That was one of the few things the BSI and the Trust agreed on. The panic, the prejudice, the senseless violence that would surely come if the truth was revealed.

Recent events in the US have made it clear just how closed-minded and prejudiced people can be.

It’s also interesting to see how the partnership that has now lasted five books started out.

If partnering with Trust wolves could help identify when a suspect was about to attack and when they were just shifted but nonthreatening, then Cooper was on board. He just wished he wasn’t the one in the spotlight.

I also really like the consistency, and how Cooper’s life drastically and truly changed after the attack.

He was supposed to eat small meals frequently throughout the day to allow his shortened small intestine to absorb the necessary amount of nutrients, but it was hard to do on the road. Cooper didn’t want to draw attention to himself as weak or, god forbid, stopping everything when a boy was missing so that he could get a snack. His guts would just have to deal.

But my favorite thing is Cooper, who although prickly and snarky actually admits when he has made a mistake.

“I should have listened to your opinion yesterday. So I’d like to hear what you think now.”

This trait continues through the series, as Cooper continually reassesses his situation and himself.

And I adore the snark.

“Talk to me,” Park said as he maneuvered the end of the rope down the crevice as if threading a twisted needle.

“Not much to say,” Cooper bit out. Why was he wasting breath talking? “The atmosphere down here leaves a lot to be desired.”

“That’s why you should always check your Yelp reviews.”

The mystery is excellent, and on this reread I picked up small clues I’d missed on previous reads. It was precisely what I was in the mood for and I immediately started on the next book.

Publisher : Carina Press
Rating: 8.5/10


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