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The Toll-Gate

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Toll-Gate (1954) Georgette Heyer

Set in England in 1817.

Captain John Staple is bit bored, back from the war, and his mother and sister are pushing him to get married and settle down.

(E)veryone seemed to feel that it was time John settled down to a life of civilian respectability. He felt it himself, and tried to be content, but every now and then a fit of restlessness would seize him.

So when he comes upon a strange situation while riding to visit his friend, he decides to stay at the toll-gate until he discovers what is going on.

The mystery was interesting, the romance was cute, but my favorite part of this book as the language.

I daresay I’d get a double finnup for it, too,’ he added, sighing over his own prodigality. ‘It’s worth more, but when it comes to tipping over the dibs there ain’t a lock as isn’t a hog-grubber. Now, look ’ee here, Mr Nib-Cove –’

I’m bound to say it sounds to me like a Banbury story, but you ain’t no halfling, nor you don’t look like one o’ them young bloods kicking up a lark, and I don’t misdoubt you. I don’t twig what any boman prig should be doing in a backward place like this.

So help me bob, I don’t know why I don’t haul my wind before that dimber mort of mine’s turned me into a regular nose!’

‘That’s the dandy!’ said Chirk encouragingly. ‘In a brace o’ snaps you’ll be in prime twig, covey!’

It’s a fun story.

Publisher : Sourcebooks Casablanca
Rating: 8/10


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