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Band Sinister

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Band Sinister (2018) KJ Charles

Band SinisterSet in England ~1811

“It’s all perfectly decent,” Amanda said. “Or at least, if it isn’t, the indecent parts are only hinted at, which means they’re in your head. I can’t be held responsible for your thoughts going awry.”

“Oh yes you can,” Guy said with feeling.

“What do you think your God gave us eyes for, and minds too, if not to look at things and think about what we see?”

(H)er features were by themselves no more than moderately pleasing to the eye; it was animation that made her attractive.

“Glorious,” Philip said, shoulders shaking. “It takes a truly special gift to find indecency in flowers.”

“Not at all,” Street said. “They’re disgraceful things. Notoriously promiscuous with bees and butterflies.”

Publisher : KJC Books
Rating: 9.5/10


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