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Shadows of the Heart

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Shadows of the Heart (1996) Tracy Grant (Lescaut Quartet Book)

Shadows of the HeartSet in Scotland in 1817

Only a woman accustomed to servants would have so many tiny fastenings on the back of her dress.

Wilkins stared at the flock. At the other huts they’d searched, the sheep had been grazing farther afield. But the day was closing and the shepherd must have gathered them in to count. Close up, looming in the mist, the animals looked larger than Wilkins would have thought. There was something menacing about their black faces. The rams had nasty-looking horns.

(S)he moved to the murdered woman and lifted her hand. “Cold she’s growing.” She set the hand down carefully and passed her own over Mrs. Burden’s face, closing the staring eyes. “It’s not decent else.”

“I was afraid to touch her,” Sophie said.

“You needn’t be. She’s naught but dead now. We all come to it in the end.”

Publisher : NYLA
Rating: 8/10


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