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Damaged Goods

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Damaged Goods (2018) Talia Hibbert (Ravenswood)

Damaged Goods

The worst thing about Samir’s parents— worse than the cruelty, the manipulation, the toxicity— was the fact that Samir had loved them.

She was pregnant, and pregnant people were like the Pope, right? You had to treat them with total respect, even in your own head, just in case God was watching.

You would think, with the number of awful things she’d done in her life, that they’d all blur together. But she remembered every desperate, acidic moment.

Her brain was fuzzy. He pulled her onto her back, and she flopped over like a doll. Kept her eyes closed, too. Overwhelming despair was starting to fade, which allowed room for other emotions, like embarrassment, to creep in. But as long as she closed her eyes, and couldn’t see him, she could pretend that he couldn’t see her. Right? Wasn’t that how things worked?

Publisher: Nixon House
Rating: 7.5/10

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