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That Kind of Guy

Sunday, May 16, 2021

That Kind of Guy (2019) Talia Hibbert (Ravenswood)

That Kind of Guy

(N)ecessity was the mother of every skill Zach had. Growing up poor with a busy single parent and a missing older brother had led him to learn a lot of practical shit at a very young age. The hard way. And those skills had never been allowed to fade, because once someone identified you as useful, they’d always be around to… well, use you.

In truth, Zach was a messy fucker who resented his own compulsion to fill in other people’s gaps but couldn’t make himself stop.

She wrinkled her nose. “You may find this hard to believe, but I am a woman who does not regret being childless.”

“Zach. Do you need help?”

Fuck. That wasn’t a question Zach could brush off, because he and Nate had promised each other— with good reason— to always answer it honestly, so he forced himself to breathe.

Publisher : Nixon House


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