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All the World’s an Undead Stage

Sunday, May 23, 2021

All the World’s an Undead Stage (2018) Angel Martinez (Offbeat Crimes)

All the Worlds an Undead Stage

“Best stay elevated,” Carrington murmured when Tim climbed out of his house to stare at him. How Tim managed to look surprised when he had no facial features was one of the mysteries of the universe.

“We decided to call it a zorpse,” Kyle called out.


“Well, Dr. Moreau refused to call it a zombie and animated corpse is just too much of a mouthful—”

“Hence zorpse,” Kash finished from beside Kyle.

He turned to his husband. “What’s the collective noun for zombies?”

“Why would I know that?” Kash turned his gaze ceilingward. “Why would anyone know that?”

(H)e remained focused on the stack of books he’d been sorting into piles he’d named scholarly, evil and possibly evil in the wrong hands, but informative.

Publisher : Pride Publishing
Rating: 7.5/10


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