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Flight of Magpies

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Flight of Magpies (2014) KJ Charles

flight of magpies

Stephen stuffed his hands in the pockets of the topcoat that Crane had insisted on buying him for this chilly winter. It had been a great deal more expensive than Stephen, who accepted gifts with startling gracelessness, had wanted; a great deal cheaper than Crane would have preferred; unsatisfactory to both.

“I’m so sorry,” Stephen mumbled in Crane’s ear when at last they broke for breath. “So sorry. I was foul to you and I’ve made such a mess of everything and you were right all along, about it all. You should be furious with me.”

“I am,” Crane said against his neck. “Livid. Can’t stand the sight of you. Come here.”

This is what accepting help means, Stephen, you have to let other people take risks too.

Hannaford and Greene had been recommended to him when he had started looking for the nastiest legal men in London. They performed every task with a dry, impersonal relish that put Crane in mind of a professional torturer at work, and their only ethical principle was not to leave a promise unfulfilled.

Publisher : KJC Books
Rating: 8/10

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