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Short Stories: KJ Charles

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Short Stories: KJ Charles

“Five for Heaven” (2019) A Charm of Magpies 3.5
Set in Nagasaki, three years after A Flight of Magpies (15 pages)
“A Confidential Problem” (2016) Society of Gentleman 2.5
Set in England in 1820 (14 pages)
“A Private Miscellany” (2016) Society of Gentlemen 3.5
Set in London & Berlin in 1821 (25 pages)
“Wanted, An Author” (2018) Wanted, a Gentleman 1.5
Set in London, 24 February, 1807 (14 pages)

These are codas and outtakes from various series. None are stand-alone stories, but if you’ve read the books then you should enjoy these.

As a bonus for me, several of them didn’t even have any boinking.

Rating: 7.5/10


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