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Pierced Peony

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Pierced Peony (2021) Dahlia Donovan (Motts Cold Case Mystery Series)

Pierced PeonyWhen an inspector from London comes to visit Motts about a cold case from her childhood, the two unexpectedly discover another body–opening another cold case.

“You’ll never guess what I’ve learned.”

“Marnie.” Motts was amused at how everyone around her, aside from the policemen in her life, seemed determined to turn her into an amateur detective.

Although this is not going to be for everyone, I am really enjoying this series.

Motts is an autistic asexual, and these traits are part of her, not a plot point played for laughs (in fact, it’s sometimes sad to consider ow difficult things can be for her).

Am I curious enough to chat with a complete stranger?

“Hello. Please go away.”

“I brought a sack of chips and a chocolate bar.”

“Well, fine. Come in.”

I love how her family and made-family care for her and help her and love her.

Since the story is from Motts’ point of view, we see things she doesn’t, but she picks up on things we don’t see, which is very interesting from a mystery perspective.

I eagerly await the next book in the series.

Publisher: Tangled Tree Publishing
Rating: 8/10


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