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Better Than People

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Better Than People (2020) Roan Parrish (Garnet Run)

Better Than PeopleOne of the things that resonated so strongly with me was the misery of being laid up after a bad break that requires you to stay off your feet.

Every day had dilated to a month, every night to a year, and Jack found himself wishing for anything— anything— to break the monotony of lying on the couch all day long and in bed all night.

But I also loved both characters. Jack for his fear and withdrawl after his betrayal, and Simon for doing everything he could despite his limitations.

Simon didn’t like this side of himself. The side that saw others’ struggles— and how simply they could sometimes overcome them— and raged. Wished he could trade places.

But also that he gets angry–deservedly angry.

Shame boiled into anger…

“I do!” Simon yelled. “You couldn’t walk when you had a b-broken leg. No matter how hard you t-t-tried, you couldn’t because it was fucking b-broken. Now it’s healed but I’m n-not. I won’t. I can’t do these things!

But also how painfully true so much of the story is.

“I think Simon sees how much you wish you could snap your fingers and make things better for him. But when you want that, what you’re wishing is that he was a different person. One he’s never gonna be. And that probably feels like shit.”

Yet for all that, it’s a lovely and uplifting story.

Publisher: Carina Adores
Rating: 8.5/10


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