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Best Laid Plans

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Best Laid Plans (2021) Roan Parrish (Garnet Run)

Best Laid PlansThis is another story where both characters have dealt with a lot, but we see they learned healthy ways to deal with their shit.

He looked at the situation and chose to acknowledge all the dimensions of it.

Dimensions (as he thought of them) weren’t positive or negative. They were simply the truth of how he felt about things.

He cut off his thought spiral and pictured windshield wipers clearing the troubling images from his mind.

He stared at the tiny distant triangle and forced himself to breathe through his nose. He dug his thumbs into the pressure points on his wrists and tried to calm down.

Also? The two talk things out, and although there are misunderstandings (because of course they are) and there are big misunderstandings, both managed to actually talk to each other.

Publisher: Carina Adores
Rating: 8/10


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