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The Bellingham Mystery Series Volume 1

Friday, September 17, 2021

The Bellingham Mystery Series Volume 1 (2015) Nicole Kimberling

The Bellingham Mystery Series Volume 1Primal Red
Black Cat Ink

Like Grilled Cheese and Goblins, the story is fun and enjoyable.

In addition to writing articles, Peter was in charge of circulation, which meant that every Thursday morning he drove bundles of the free weekly to various locations in the city and in greater Whatcom County. A glorified paperboy position, true, but at least it was in his field.

Not as over the top, but fun.

“You mentioned the shellfish farm down the road in your sleep last night,” Nick said.

“Did I?”

“You did. You mumbled that we should bike down there and get a couple dozen kumamotos since we were so close.”

“And why didn’t we?”

“Because it was midnight,” Nick said. “Also because you were, much like the shellfish farmers, asleep.”


“(A) gift is a gift. You shouldn’t have given away anything you couldn’t stand to lose.”

Publisher: One Block Empire
Rating: 8/10

Categories: 8/10, eBook, LGBT, Mystery, Reread, Romance, Sexual Content

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