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Gilded Cage

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Gilded Cage (2019) KJ Charles (Lilywhite Boys)

Gilded CageSet in London in 1895

Templeton Lane fell far from his noble birth to become a notorious jewel thief.

A matched set of black opals, Jerry had said scathingly. Really. Was there also an advertisement placed in the paper for the attention of Templeton Lane?

Susan Lazarus has risen far from her beginnings as a thief and con artist to private inquiry agent.

After a burglary gone terribly wrong, it turns out that the only person Temp can turn to, to clear his name is his old love–and the woman he wronged.

“You know I used to know him, when he was James Vane?”

“Well, I’d grasped you’d met,” Alec said. “You tried to shoot him, yes?”

I like the mystery.

And I like the bits with all the other characters from previous stories.

I even like Susan and how she rose from her past to remake herself.

I don’t love Temp.

Yes, he was wronged in the past. Yes, he didn’t deserve part of his past.

But he also has grown into a self-centered prick who isn’t able to put others needs ahead of his own and thus endangers those he calls friends.

“I will not allow my name to be smeared like this.”

“For Christ’s sake.” Jerry actually laughed. “Your name?”

Templeton straightened to his full height, and inevitably cracked his skull on a ceiling beam. “I used to have one, and I still retain some regard for it. You might not understand that.”

“Nope,” Stan said. “Common as muck. What I do understand is seven years for receiving stolen goods and who knows what for accessory to murder. There’s fifty quid in there. Write me when you’ve got an address and I’ll send you more, now will you please fuck off?”

And I really don’t believe his quick redemption.

Primarily because it was seemingly only and entirely for Susan.

He eventually seems to get that he was placing those he called friends into danger, but he’s so wrapped up in himself I find it hard to believe he was truly capable of the change he showed.

Publisher: KJC Books
Rating: 7/10

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