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After the Scrum

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

After the Scrum (2016) Dahlia Donovan

After the ScrumFrancis Keen is perfectly happy living in Looe with his grandmother. He doesn’t want to leave her alone, and if it helps his anxiety, that’s not a bad thing either. And since he is a somewhat successful interior designer, it’s pretty good.

He hated leaving his small workspace in a mess. It ensured he’d spend the rest of the day twitching with the urge to return to clean it.

He had to laugh at himself, remembering the time he’d gotten up at three in the morning to return to the office.

Caddock Stanford never expected to become a father. But the unexpected death of his brother left him guardian to his nephew, so he’s making the best of things he can.

Haddy had been incredibly open to everyone. He wanted the same open-mindedness to be something his son learned. It had been part of his reasoning for granting Caddock custody, as opposed to their parents.

Caddock and Devlin are So. Adorable.


“It’s waffles, you deranged child.”

His eyes narrowed playfully on his nephew. “Cease your laughing or I’ll toss you in the river in a sack.”

“Gwannie would be cwoss with you,” Devlin said with all the confidence of a four-year-old. “She’d put you on the naughty step with no cake.”

“No cake? No cake! Oh no. How will I ever live in a world without it?”

Despite the adorable child, be aware this story covers some heavy issues, including Caddock and Devlin both dealing with the loss of Devil’s father, Caddock’s fathers homophobia, and Francis’ anxiety that stemmed from an attack several years prior.

But even with those dark bits, it’s not angsty or overwrought, and quite enjoyable.

Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Rating: 8/10


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