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Thief of Time

Monday, October 18, 2021

Thief of Time (2001) Terry Pratchett (Discworld)

The Thief of TimeThe auditors are tired of people.

Humanity practically was things that didn’t have a position in time and space, such as imagination, pity, hope, history, and belief.

They are encouraging a young man to create a clock that will freeze time, to take care of all the pesky chaos created by humans.

But sometimes it seemed that the life of Jeremy had been assembled by a not very competent craftsman who had allowed a number of small but important things to go ping into the corners of the room.

Except that Death decided to prod his granddaughter to look into what is happening.

There was a drum roll. Susan glanced down. The Death of Rats was seated in front of a tiny drum kit.

Which means we get my favorite DEATH character.

“No running with scythes!”

The Death of Rats stopped jogging along the Nature Table and gave her a guilty look.



“I believe nougat is a terrible thing to cover with chocolate, where it can ambush the unsuspecting.”


Publisher: HarperCollins
Rating: 7.5/10

Categories: 7.5/10, eBook, Fantasy, Reread
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