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Off the Grid, Audio Edition

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Off the Grid, Audio Book (2015) Faith Hunter narrated by Khristine Hvam (Jane Yellowrock)

Off the GridA novella that takes place between Black Arts and Broken Soul, and introduces Nell, whose series begins with Blood of the Earth.

Security was so much easier in the modern day, with access to so many public records protected by such poor security.

(B)est of all, she knew where the armaments were stored. “They keep ’em here”— she tapped the uneven rectangle that represented a building—“ which is right next to the nursery. They know no one’s gonna blow up the weapons and risk killing all the children.”

“Yeah. That’s”— I thought through possibilities and discarded cruel, insane, and evil, to choose—“ not unexpected.”

Publisher: Audible Studios
Rating: 8/10


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