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Marked by Shadows

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Marked by Shadows (2020) Lissa Kasey (Simply Crafty)

Marked by ShadowsMicah has a complicated past. But he’s happy where he is now: running a craft shop and spending time with Alexis. Even if the ghost tours can be a little stressful.

I watched other ghost hunters, or paranormal enthusiasts as they called themselves, do something called ‘provoking the spirits.’ This often entailed a Ouija board or some sort of angry verbal attack. I thought of it mainly as an American thing. Though I’d seen a few European ghost groups do the same.

The idea that attacking the dead, if that was what they were, was a good idea, stunned me.

But Alex’s disappearance took a toll on everyone, and so Micah hopes that getting away for a craft expo will give them both some needed down time. And maybe allow him to get back into cosplay design–although not the kind of work he’d been doing when he met most of the crafting group he is going to meet up with.

“Do you want me to drive?”

“No.” Alex’s PTSD could trigger him and render him completely incoherent. As far as I knew, he was not allowed to drive, though Lukas had said something about Alex being able to test to get his license back.”

Unfortunately, trouble seems to be following them, when two members of the cosplay group disappear without a trace.

Publisher: Layer Kake Publishing, LLC
Rating: 8/10


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