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A Holiday By Gaslight

Thursday, December 30, 2021

A Holiday By Gaslight (2018) Mimi Matthews

A Holiday By GaslightSet in England in 1861

I love a good novella / short story.

I have tremendous respect for an author who can build characters and an immersive story in under 200 pages.

What I particularly liked about this story is Sophie has a complex relationship with her family, but it is also clear that she loves them and they love her–even if her father and sister are not good at showing it.

Is it so unforgiveable that I should wish to marry someone I might like just a little, and who might like me in return for reasons other than my pedigree? I don’t require love. I’m not so silly as that. But you ask me to leave our family, to marry a stranger and live out the rest of my days in his house, as his possession.

Her mother frowned. “No, indeed. We’ve asked a great deal of you, haven’t we? It hasn’t always been fair.”

“I’ve never complained.”

“I wouldn’t blame you if you had.”

Plus, the heart of the story is communication and talking to each other.

Publisher: Perfectly Proper Press
Rating: 9/10


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