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Lessons in Love

Monday, January 31, 2022

Lessons in Love (2008) Charlie Cochrane (Cambridge Fellows)

Lessons in LoveSet in England in 1905.

Jonty has returned to St Bride’s College as a fellow in English. He is immediately drawn to dark, silent, and grumpy mathematics fellow Orlando Coppersmith.

The words aren’t used (because of the setting) but Orlando is very clearly demi.

Orlando thought it strange, if other people were anything to go by, that he’d reached the age of twenty-eight without finding anybody he wanted to be close to.

Orlando is incredibly naive (perhaps sheltered is a better term) and he has absolutely no idea about much of anything except mathematics.

Peters was looking more and more uncomfortable. “But I’m not so deeply immersed in the groves of academe as some of my colleagues and I do understand the nature of the things that can go on in a single-sex society. It’s just possible that this is still a crime of passion and there be no woman involved.”

“I don’t think I understand.” Orlando looked from Jonty to Dr. Peters and back again.

“I’ll explain later.” Jonty’s voice was constrained.

The mystery was fine, but I very much enjoyed the dynamic between Jonty and Orlando. This is one of their earlier books, so in places things aren’t as polished as the series I just finish, and the story doesn’t qualify as a cozy, as there is some minor sexual content, and a disturbing scene with the killer at the end of the book, but it’s engaging, and mostly sweet and I am going to read the next book.

Perhaps right now.

Publisher: Lume Books
Rating: 7/10


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