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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Whirlwind (2021) A. M. Rose (Daydream, Colorado)

WhirlwindThis book finishes the arc started in the previous book.

Felix is clairvoyant.

He didn’t have some grand purpose, but he could help ease the suffering of both the living and the dead, and that was just as powerful.

He goes to where he is pulled, never settling down, but working short term in the places he lands.

Nick is the head librarian for the Daydream library. He likes things neat and orderly and does not like disruptions.

“I’m plenty fun.”

“Sure. I guess matching caps to their corresponding felt-tip markers is considered fun in some cultures.”

“Why would my caps and my felt-tip markers be mismatched in the first place?” he asked.

When Felix appears in town, he annoys Nick to no end. But it turns out the ghost Felix has been called to help may well be related to the problems in Daydream.

I am glad the story arc started in the previous book was cleared up here. Especially since there were a lot of things that bugged me about this story.

First, for much of the book, Nick was little more than his foibles. And those “quirks” weren’t always consistent. And they definitely weren’t reasonable.

“Fine,” he bit out. “The information has to be on white, A4 paper. Arial font, size twelve. No bold words. No cursive. Once you print it, bring it over, and I can put it up for you.”


The other thing that really bothered me was that 1) Felix was so accepting of a magical town. Yeah, he’s clairvoyant, but it’s one thing to talk to ghosts, it’s another to discover other forms of magic exist and surprise! Here’s a secret town! and then that 2) Felix felt like he had to hide that he’d never been to a magical town before. (Why? You can see ghosts–you’re magical!) and 3) No one seemed to care that Felix just wandered into Daydream on his own. Despite all the ado about that happening in the previous book.

Also, this wasn’t quite enemies to lovers, but it was awful close.

Nick might not like him. But he wanted him anyway. And Felix had nothing against hate sex. He was more than up for finding out personally how much fun it could be.


So, I enjoyed seeing the other characters, and was glad that the big problem had been resolved, but, but these two? Meh.

Rating: 7/10


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