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In the Cards

Saturday, March 12, 2022

In the Cards (2019) Celia Lake (Mysterious Charm)

In the CardsSet in England and Sicily in 1925

Yes, I still (badly) wants these books edited, but I am still reading.

Explaining how they really were, that was more complicated. They’d made agreements, he and Galen, about when they’d share certain things, and when they wouldn’t.

This is just confusing, and doesn’t actually seem to be anything related to the story–I kept expecting a complicated relationship between Galen and Martin.

Galen and Martin have been best friends since school, although Galen’s parents severely disapprove of Martin.

“Journalist. All staff pieces so far, nothing with my name on it, but I aspire to people running away from my questions in time.”

When the Amberlys through a weekend party, Laura is invited.

“Oh, it’s Mother who’s the complication. And Father. They’re looking to marry me off, and Martin insists you be warned before you’re thrown into the fray.”

When a guest is murdered, the three join together to try and discover who on the island is the murderer.

Rating: 7/10


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