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A Gift for Guile

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

A Gift for Guile (2016) Alissa Johnson (The Thief Takers)

A-Gift-for-GuileSet in England in 1872.

Esther has finally admitted that she was involved in her father’s schemes–as his teenage henchman. And no one blames Esther for that–except Esther herself.

Though he suspected she’d be surprised to hear it, Samuel didn’t hold it against her. She’d been hardly more than a girl at the time.

As part of her personal repentance she’s come to London to look for her father–her biological father, not the man who ignored her throughout her childhood until she proved useful.

But she is very displeased to discover that Sir Samuel Brass has followed her to London and wants her to do home.


“I’ll not take orders from you.” She didn’t take orders from anyone. “You may give orders, if you like, but I’ll not promise to follow them.”

“Orders that don’t have to be followed are called suggestions,” he replied in a bland tone.

“Then I shall agree to take your suggestions under advisement.”

I really like Samuel. There is a lot going on in his head, despite being a man of few words.

The sting of a single barb could generally be brushed off, but when that same barb was delivered time and time again, it had the potential to stick and fester. He was personally susceptible to slights referencing Frankenstein’s monster.

Samuel made a mental note to refrain from belittling her intellect in any future sparring and returned his attention to his meal.

And he actually considers what he is told.

“I don’t see why this should be a point of contention,” she said, reaching for her wine. “You walk about London openly every day. There must be dozens of men who would like your head on a platter. Why is it you are allowed to thumb your nose at danger, but I am not?”

“It’s different.”

She took a long sip of her drink and set the goblet down slowly. “Is that a euphemism for ‘because you are a woman’?”

“No.” Possibly. He might give it some thought later.

I really like Esther.

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Rating: 8.5/10


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