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A Dangerous Deceit

Friday, July 22, 2022

A Dangerous Deceit (2017) Alissa Johnson (The Thief-Takers)

Dangerous DeceitSet in England in ~1872

This is such a marvelous book. Jane, struggles with so many things, and is justifiably terrified of anyone discovering her secret, which makes it one of the few books where it is completely logical for the main characters to keep secrets from each other.

For as long as Jane had been aware there was something wrong with her, secrecy had been her one and only consideration. The need to be honest had never presented itself. She didn’t know how to go about it. Where did she even begin? Where did she stop? How honest, exactly, did she have to be?

And Gabriel–who was an enigma for much of the previous two stories–is lovely.

He could walk with her in companionable silence for the duration of their short trip.

No, he decided as they started up a gentle slope. No, he could not.

Much like his meticulous appearance and the finely tailored clothes on his back, he was accustomed to using conversation as a weapon and a shield.

Truly lovely.

“Don’t do it again.”

He straightened at the conviction in her voice. He hadn’t expected absolute refusal. He’d anticipated some demurring and reluctance. He’d earned her mistrust and censure. But those might be got round with enough time and finesse. Don’t do it was a different animal altogether. There was no getting around don’t. It was final. A man didn’t press his suit on a woman who made it clear she wasn’t interested.

And I will always adore this passage.

“Is licking your hair a typical part of your grooming regimen?”

With a growl of frustration, she gave up trying to smooth the hair and combed her fingers through it instead. “It’s this dratted humidity.”

“If it’s the damp causing it, I don’t think adding spit will help.”

Rating: 8/10


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