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The Rook, Audio Edition

Sunday, August 7, 2022

The Rook, Audio Edition (2012) Daniel O’Malley narrated by Susan Duerden

The RookThis book.

People are more likely to cope with the appearance of an animated corpse in a graveyard than one in an ice cream parlor or the changing room of a boutique. They won’t be happy with the appearance of the animated corpse in the graveyard, but they tend to be less outraged.

I love this book so much.

I’m good in a crisis, but it’s not because I’m not afraid. I’m always afraid. I’m so stressed I want to throw up. But I am good in a crisis because I am very, very good at making preparations. I try to cover every angle, to plan for every eventuality.

“(T)he minibar in my hotel room was mysteriously emptied.”

“By arcane forces beyond the understanding of normal human beings?” asked Myfanwy as she sifted through the in-box. It was the sort of question you learned to ask automatically when you worked with the Checquy.

“No, it was me,” admitted Shantay without a shred of embarrassment.

And the narration is wonderful as well (even if the American accent was a little odd.)

Publisher: Hachette Audio

Rating: 10/10


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