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Lock, Stock and Peril

Monday, August 15, 2022

Lock, Stock and Peril (2022) Charlie Cochrane (Lindenshaw Mysteries)

Lock, Stock and PerilSet in early 2021 during the pandemic.

What a year 2020 had been, and the start of 2021 wasn’t shaping up that great, either.

The pandemic is a part of the story, because it was part of the world at the time, but it is not the focus of the story. Just for those who don’t want to read about it just yet.

Robin and Adam are settled into life during the pandemic.

“Is it wicked to hope that if you do have a major case to deal with soon, then it happens during this lockdown period, where it can’t get in the way of anything else?”

As much as one can settle in, anyway.

Campbell had never been so fit and healthy as over the past year. They’d walked miles with him, singly or together, and when they’d been able to form a bubble with Adam’s mum, she’d volunteered to take him out.

One thing I particularly liked about this story is how the pandemic was worked into it: if everyone is on lockdown, then there should (theoretically) be people noticing if someone hasn’t left their house for several weeks.

But with some people hiding in their houses and others who are possibly breaking lockdown rules, the answer to when the murdered woman was killed is surprisingly complex.

I also like how the author tries very hard to be correct in police procedures, from how much paperwork there is (tons) to how careful they need to be in suspect interviews.

They rarely tackled a case where a statement had to be taken from a child or other vulnerable person, so reading through all the legal guidance on interviewing in such a situation would be vital before putting together a plan of action.

I am enjoying this series, and look forward to the next book whenever it comes out.

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Rating: 8/10


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