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The Secret of Bow Lane

Sunday, September 4, 2022

The Secret of Bow Lane (2022) Ashley Gardner (Kat Holloway)

The Secret of Bow LaneSet in England in 1882

The Sixth Book in the Below Stairs mystery series finds Kat embroiled in her own mystery. Her husband’s actual wife has come to Kat demanding assistance in discovering treasure Joe supposedly had before he died. Kat has little interest, but is inexorably drawn in, discovering even more unpleasant truths about the man who married her–despite already having a wife.

The two men spoke of a man I barely recognized. A man who stood drinks for his friends, had ambitions of wealth that he thought going to sea would bring. Not through hard work, but by meeting the right people who would boost him up.

She is also getting subtle pressure from all sides to marry Daniel.

“Mr. McAdam should marry,” she announced. “He is very unsettled, and should have a wife to look after him and James.”

I paused, my teacup hovering at my lips. “James is nearly grown. He might object to a new mother who admonishes him to eat his vegetables and put on clean clothes.” I sipped.

“Not if that mother was you.”

I nearly spit my tea.

And Cynthia as well.

“I doubt Mr. Thanos would instigate any goings-on,” I said. “But very well, I take your point. If Mrs. Bywater heard they met alone in her house, she’d be incensed.”

“Maybe he’d have to marry her,” Tess put in happily. “That would be wonderful. Stay downstairs, Mrs. H., and let them kiss if they like.”

The mystery was good, and I am enjoying the relationship Kat and Daniel are building. Kat has been rightfully leery of him, but here you see her starting to reason out whether her fears are sound or not.

If this series is going to end with Kat’s marriage to Daniel, then I foresee it ending relatively soon. But perhaps it won’t because I never much enjoy spending time with these characters.

Publisher: Berkley

Rating: 8/10


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