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Lucky Charm

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Lucky Charm (2019) Chace Verity

Lucky CharmSet in Hollywood in 1928.

Gilbert’s director and lover takes him out to dinner–and dumps him.

“I need an actor who can go to the future with me. You can talk, but it doesn’t sound right.”

I got tossed because there’s no longer any place in Hollywood for a deaf actor. And if I’m not famous, I’m not worthy of being loved.

I think I had once read about deaf actors (and those unusually high and odd voices) losing their jobs once sound was added to movies. But I never learned anything more.

Now, damnit, I’m curious.

To get back at his ex for firing him AND dumping him, Gil decides to steal his lucky charm. And the unexpected appearances of his childhood best friend is perfect timing.

As far as Georgia and Thomas know, Quill is my childhood friend visiting California for a few weeks. He’s definitely not a crook. We’re definitely not plotting anything.

Rating: 6/10

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